Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel


The Mass of Reception and Installation

Friday, April 15, 2016



Auxiliary Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel was born on January 6, 1952 in  Basile, Louisiana, as the third of eight children to Welfoot Paul Deshotel and Luna Marie Manual.

After attending Immaculata Minor Seminary High School in Lafayette, he went on to attend Holy Trinity Seminary in Texas, where he earned a B.A. in Philosophy, and a Masters of Divinity from the University of Dallas.

On May 13, 1978, he was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Dallas by Bishop Maurice Schexnayder in his hometown church of St. Augustine’s in Basile. On April 27, 2010, he was ordained as Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas by Bishop Kevin J. Farrell in the Cathedral Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.

His assignments have included associate pastor and pastor of various church parishes throughout the Diocese of Dallas, as well as Vice Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, Texas. Additionally, he has served on the Diocesan Presbyteral Council; Diocesan Priests’ Personnel Board; Diocesan Finance Council; Bishop’s Senior Staff; Diocesan Review Board; Diocesan College of Consultors; and Region X Chairman, USCCB.

On February 17, 2016, it was announced that Auxiliary Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel has been appointed to serve as the seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette.
Diocese of Lafayette
Most Rev. J. Douglas Deshotel

Curriculum Vitae
Born: January 6, 1952 in Basile, Louisiana
Education: Immaculata Minor Seminary High School
B.A. Philosophy, Holy Trinity Seminary
Masters of Divinity, University of Dallas
Ordained: May 13, 1978 (Priesthood)
April 27, 2010, (Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas)
Assignments: 1978-1980 Associate Pastor, St. Patrick, Dallas
1980-1982 Associate Pastor, St. Anthony, Longview
1982-1983 Associate Pastor, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Dallas
1983-1988 Associate Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas, Dallas
1988-1992 Pastor, St. William, Greenville and Our Lady of Fatima, Quinlan
1992-1995 Pastor, St. John Nepomucene, Ennis
1995-2001 Pastor, St. Luke, Irving
2001-2006 Vice Rector, Holy Trinity Seminary, Irving
2006-2008 Pastor, St. Monica and San Juan Diego, Dallas
2008-2012 Pastor, St. Joseph, Richardson
2008-Present Vicar General,/Moderator of the Curia, Diocese of Dallas
Other Responsibilities: 1999-Present Diocesan Presbyteral Council
2007-Present Diocesan Priest’s Personnel Board
2008-Present Diocesan Finance Council
2008-Present Bishop’s Senior Staff
2008-Present Diocesan Review Board
2008-Present Diocesan College of Consultors
2011-2013 Region X Chairman – USCCB
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Diocese of Lafayette
Most Rev. J. Douglas Deshotel

Coat of Arms
Party per fess; to chief dexter tirced per pale Azure, Argent and Gules; to dexter a star and to sinister a fleur-de-lis both of the second; in a base Vert, issuant from base a pelican in her piety Proper
The episcopal heraldic achievement, or bishop’s coat of arms, is composed of a shield, which is the central and most important part of the design, a scroll with a motto and the external ornamentation. The design is described (blazoned) as if the description was being given by the bearer (from behind) with the shield being worn on the left arm. Thus, it must be remembered, where it applies, as the device is viewed from the front that the terms sinister and dexter are reversed.

As a bishop without canonical jurisdiction (an auxiliary bishop), Bishop Deshotel’s personal arms occupy the entire shield. These arms are composed of two main sections. The upper portion, known as a chief is blue, white and red, with a white star on the blue field which is the arrangement of the Acadian flag, indicating that His Excellency is of Cajun roots in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Acadians, of French heritage, fled Canada in the mid-1700’s and settled in southern Louisiana. On the red portion of the tricolors is a fleur-de-lis to represent the deep French connections of the Acadians.

In the lower portion of the design is a green field with a pelican, feeding her brood with blood from her own breast. This symbolism, known as a “pelican in her piety” is a classic representation of southern Louisiana.
For his motto, His Excellency Bishop Deshotel has selected the Latin phrase, “CHRISTUS CARITAS URGET ME.” In the phrase, His Excellency Bishop Deshotel express his profound belief that it is “Christ’s love that urges him on.”

The achievement in completed by the external ornamentation which are a gold (yellow) processional cross, that is placed in back of the shield and which extends above and below the shield, and the pontifical hat, called a “galero,” with its six tassels in three rows on either side of the shield, all in green. These are the heraldic insignia of a prelate of the rank of bishop, by instruction of The Holy See, of March 31, 1969.

Bishop Deshotel's arms were devised by Deacon Paul J. Sullivan, in consultation with the Bishop.
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